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Experts in Primary Health Care

As a Diplomat in Internal Madicine, Dr. Ausi specialists in internal medicine at Ausi Medical Center. We provide expert primary health care services for adult patients of all ages. We prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses. We support wellness. We provide medical care designed at all times to promote your best health.

For adults aged 18 to 88 and beyond, we provide comprehensive primary and preventive care including checkups, annual physicals, prevention and management of adult diseases, and more. And we provide compassionate, effective diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and chronic conditions.

Reliable Care

If you have a question about your health, we can help you find the best answer. And if you have a concern, we understand and can help. Your health may have is ups and downs, but your health care never will. That is the promise of Ausi Medical Center.

Dr. Raad Ausi

Diplomat in Internal Medicine